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Erotic Stories

Thai Take Away Erotic Story

I’d like the readers of Girls of Oz News to know about a fabulous time I had recently on tour in Thailand with my mate Smithy. Upon arrival before sampling the beautiful beaches and islands we thought we would settle […]

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Truck Stop Erotic Story

Recently I had the sneakiest fuck in the world. My boyfriend and I were on a road trip up north, as we travelled up the highway, we over took a truck. My boyfriend was boring me to tears, so I […]

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Put My Fire Out Erotic Story

I was fast asleep the other night when the fire alarm went off in my building. I had to evacuate and exit the building with everyone else while the Fire Fighters sorted out the fire alarm. While waiting outside I […]

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Threesome That Doesn’t Add Up Erotic Story

Threesome That doesn’t add Up! My wife of eight years had begged me for a threesome with another bloke, but I always said it needed to be another woman cos I don’t want another bloke flogging my missus. So there […]

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