Recently I had the sneakiest fuck in the world. My boyfriend and I were on a road trip up north, as we travelled up the highway, we over took a truck.

My boyfriend was boring me to tears, so I quickly pulled my slutty singlet down to give the truckie a squiz at my tits, knowing my bloke would be none the wiser as his eyes were glued to the road.

I thought nothing of the flash until we pulled up at the next servo. While Toby – my bloke – pumped petrol into the car, I saw the truck that I flashed pull in. The driver got out and headed to the toilet block.

I told Toby that I had to go and “Freshen Up”. As I made my way to the toilets I made sure Toby wasn’t looking, I ducked into the guy’s loo and made a beeline for the only cubicle that was being used.

I barged in, got down on my knees and took the truckie’s knob in my mouth before he had a chance to put it away. I sucked his chubby tool like it was the last one on earth, the harder his balls slapped against my chin, the more horny I got!

Before he could dump his load on my face, I stood up and pushed him down on to the toilet seat. I hopped and rode him like a dog on heat, getting incredibly turned on by the look of utter surprise and pleasure on his face, I came instantly and gushed over him like Niagra Falls!

As soon as the truckie had coated my insides with his Prong Paint, I hopped off, freshened up and went back to the car.

Now Toby and I go on heaps of road trips. It’s funny, but I look forward to the pit stops more than the time I get to spend with him.”

Rhiannon,  Newcastle UK