I’d like the readers of Girls of Oz News to know about a fabulous time I had recently on tour in Thailand with my mate Smithy.

Upon arrival before sampling the beautiful beaches and islands we thought we would settle in and try some of the famous night life. We decided to head for Pattaya, famous for its street girls and sex shows. Both being fond of a drink and keen to sample some ‘Pad Thai Pussy’. We wandered around the main drag and local bars to checkout some of the local talent.

It wasn’t long before a couple of stunners appeared. They caught our eye, we began chatting and as it turned out they were sisters they told us there names were Daisy and Delta. As we drank a little more and had a few tongue in cheek laughs it was a natural progression back to our hotel room.

Upon our return to the hotel room Daisy flicked on the Hotel Porn channel. The movie showing was “One in the Pink Two in the Stink” It was a riveting production which involved a gangy with 3 Asian girls and 1 very well hung black man. This movie certainly did the trick on the 2 sisters as Delta wasted no time at all instantly taking her soft luscious lips to my already sprung to attention Flag Pole. I was in absolute heaven as this little Thai beauty could literally suck a golf ball through a garden hose!

Whilst I was is in a trance of absolute ecstasy I heard Daisy saying to Smithy “I want your big Aussie Cock, I want to fuck your big Aussie Cock.” Smithy not one to be shy when it comes to a pussy pummeling, quicker than you could say “Sweet & Sour Asian Delight” Smitty was chock a block up this sweet little Thai Girl. Every time he took a big back swing and gave this girl an almighty pump she let out a giant moan like a Siamese cat. This only spurred Smithy on to a greater performance. As it turned out to great a performance as Daisy begged him to stop in broken English “Stop, Stop, too big me hurty”. As Smitty was not done yet and still quite clearly on a role he turned is attention to Delta. Not even acknowledging my presence and clearly rampant as a rabbit he took straight to Deltas Muck Hole. Her eyes were bulging through her skull but still managing to maintain a solid suck on my veiny beast.

The moment was too much for all of us I couldn’t hold on any longer I exploded my entire load straight into the back of Deltas throat. At the same time as I had shot my load, Smithy was two pumps behind as he unloaded his load all over Deltas back! By now Delta was quivering on the floor with excitement and had baby batter all over her.

Meanwhile Daisy had witnessed all of this and had enough time to recover from her brief session with Smithy. Seizing an opportunity as she noticed Smitty had left the room, she dive bombed my weeping shaft and soon had it ready and prepared for battle again. Within in seconds I was pounding away at Daisy’s ‘Tight Pink Prize’· as I went harder at her wet Wonga I noticed her quivering like a scared seal pup. I pulled away and as soon as I did she started gushing like the Kiama Blowhole! I couldn’t believe it two sisters both lying naked & filled with pleasure on our hotel floor.

Moments later when the girls got it back together they were ever so grateful for what we had done for them. In return they gave us a traditional sponge bath and a holiday that we will never forget.

J Walsh, Newquay, UK