I was fast asleep the other night when the fire alarm went off in my building. I had to evacuate and exit the building with everyone else while the Fire Fighters sorted out the fire alarm.

While waiting outside I recognised one of the Fire Fighters, who was in my yoga class and I occasionally perved on but had never spoken to. He introduced himself as Neil and we immediately got chatting, and before long we were allowed to return to the building. I asked Neil if he would like to join me for a drink? He politely declined as he was still on duty so he took me up on the offer of a devonshire tea.

I took him up stairs and closed the door. There was never even a thought of having any drink, there was only one thought on my mind and that was landing myself a hunky Fire Fighter. I started kissing him passionately.

He pulled my nightie over my head and pushed me against the wall. I got him out of his uniform and felt his massive fire hose building pressure quickly in my hand. The excitement had me dizzy and my pussy dripping. I led him to the couch, where I sat and spread my legs nice and wide and invited Neil to arouse me.

Neil got on his knees and began to go down on me like a hungry puppy. I decided to return the favour as we continued into a 69 position. He squeezed my tits hard and made my nipples shoot up like budding tulips. I begged him to enter me, he obliged and wasted no time as he lined up his massive human fire hydrant and began ploughing away at my Love purse.

My moans and groans echoed his grunts as we shagged for what seemed like forever. He brought me closer and closer to my orgasm before pulling out and teasing me a bit.

We pumped hard and fast like rampant rabbits, this time I straddled my legs around his hips, dug my finger nails into his back and kept him inside me. I finally came and screamed like a banche. I got off my back and begged Neil to cum on my face and tits, before kissing him on the cheek and sending him back to his awaiting Fire Truck.

E Roberts, Liverpool, England